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Premium Burger Box, Qty 100 | Select Catering Solutions Ltd
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Order Code: CB138

Corrugated Cardboard for extra strength

Made 100% from corrugated cardboard and no plastic therefore easily recyclable, this is the ideal solution to serve your takeaway burgers!Features:

Pack of 100

£18.48 excl. VAT
We have plenty in stock
Medium Kraft Clamshell Qty 250 | Select Catering Solutions Ltd
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Order Code: CB113

Great for burgers or pies and composts in 16 days!

This packaging is a kraft brown clamshell hinged container that is highly suited to hold many kinds of food such as grilled meats, fish, chicken wings, burgers, pies etc. Made from recycled and recyclable paperboard, this product is sustainable and eco-friendly. The packaging is delivered nested so you don't have to assemble it. Bespoke print is available and branded can look amazing on the neutral cardboard colour.

Pack of 250

£45.94 excl. VAT
Just back in stock
Large Kraft Clamshell Qty 250
We have plenty in stock
Order Code: CB114

Big hinged container for burgers or other large food

Here we have a large clamshell kraft box that would suit you if you serve large burgers or pies to customers. This is big enough to put side orders in along with the main food item. This pack fits easily in the hand and opens out flat, making it an ideal container for instant eat. Suitable for burgers, pies and other takeout grub. The size makes it big enough to enclose a size order within such as chips, salad or coleslaw.

Pack of 250

£51.48 excl. VAT
We have plenty in stock
Multi-food Kraft Box Qty 150 | Select Catering Solutions Ltd
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Order Code: CB115

Strong box to serve takeaway meals in

This packaging is highly suitable for many kinds of fast food meals and snacks (grilled chicken, fish, chicken wings with chips etc.) and presents the product inside in a tasteful and attractive way. In addition to its simple product presentation, this box is ideal for secure transportation or as a container for holding food.The Kraft Multi-Food box is easy to fill, and space efficient as it comes pre-formed and nested. Simple to close it is easy to brand and tamper proof with labels. Perfect for the takeaway and delivered food markets, its sturdy construction and secure closure means that it is easy to stack and retains heat with some ventilation for the release of condensation.Easy to eat from for the consumer, once the food is consumed and any waste removed it can be recycled. Other features include greasepoof, kraft artisan feel, containers recycled paperboard, recyclable and compostable, custom print available.

Pack of 150

£50.32 excl. VAT
We have plenty in stock
Gourmet Meal Box Qty 100 | Select Catering Solutions Ltd
We have plenty in stock
Order Code: CB124

Quality packaging made from green materials

Large meal boxes with vented holes to ensure delicious products inside do not deteriorate and retain their freshness over time. Sold in cases of 100, these containers are delivered flat pack, saving you ample space within your store room. They are easy to assemble as not to take time away from chefs and servers in your business. These large boxes are manufactured from resilient food-safe paperboard, which is widely recyclable. Suitable for serving a big range of food within due to the containers size, breathability, and odourless features. The size also allows for portions such as a main and side to be enclosed together.

Pack of 100

£30.04 excl. VAT
We have plenty in stock

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