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Coffee is enjoyed and adored all year round, but as iced frothy coffees make way for winter warmers, we have a breakdown of the features and benefits that different takeaway coffee cups have!



First Up: Sizes


Is it 8oz or 12oz for a latte? Can I serve a cortado in a 16oz cup? Here we answer your questions.


The general barista rules and customer expectations for cup sizes depending on the different coffee variations are as follows:

  • 4oz small cups suited to baby and puppycino's, macchiato's and espresso
  • 8oz is your perfect flat white or cortado cup
  • 12oz is the first size you'd use for a latte or cappuccino, some coffee shops class this as tall
  • 16-20oz is for those that enjoy an XL coffee and may even want an extra shot 


New 16oz PAUSE Huhtamaki Coffee Cups | GM Packaging UK Ltd


Next: Walls


The walls on your cup are much like those in a building. The thicker your walls are, the more insulated the contents are.


Single-wall means that customers will definitely need a sleeve or carrier to transport the beverages without burning their hands. It also means that the insulation of your cup is not as effective and therefore the hot drink inside may go cold quicker. On the flip side, single-wall cups do still perform a job in terms of housing and transporting drinks, and we have a range of white cups of all sizes. As well as this, they are the best value for money option! 


Double-wall is that bit more expensive, but your service now has a well-rounded takeaway packaging solution. Gone are the days of customers asking for sleeves and you need not worry about having to store another box. Additionally, customers benefit from the insulation keeping their drink hot for longer.


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Important: Sustainability

Takeaway cups have a notorious reputation for not being friendly to our planet however, the tables are certainly turning. Nowadays your takeout coffee offering can be completely plastic-free and you can do so by choosing from our stock plant-based Vegware cups, fibre lids and carriers and compostable teaspoons.


It's never been more important to reduce your carbon footprint for the sake of our eco-systems, especially as the coffee and tea we serve in our takeaway cups are often grown in extremely vulnerable climates that need our help to ensure survival.




Finally: Branded Cups


It's a must in the modern world of marketing and advertising, and branding your cups gives customers the chance to relate to your personality, views, and ideas, whilst helping you to connect with them. On bespoke coffee cups, you can showcase artistic logos, catchphrases and mottos, contact details, and perhaps most importantly, customers can show off on social media how much they love your products and brand.


We work with experienced and reliable UK and international printers that can run short 1,000 or much larger 100,000 print runs with differing lead times. This enables you to bring your concept and brand to life! If you don't have logos or artwork ready their teams of graphic designers can help you to find a design that fits your brand perfectly.


To grow and achieve more as a business, this really is a must. Start the process by finding out more and enquiring, on our bespoke page.


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