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Everything you need to know about Napkins


Napkins are an essential front of house disposable within customer serving environments, not only for the hygienic importance, but also to create ambience and reinforce your brand with corresponding colours and designs. Our main napkin partner is Duni, one of the leading creators and innovators of sustainable and boundary-pushing concepts for set tables. We are proud to offer their quality proven products to our customers.


If you are wondering where to start with selecting the right napkin, this page is for you. We want to share our product knowledge to help you find the most suitable serviette to delight customers with beautiful set tables.


The main aspects to a napkin that will help to make your decision are:

      • Cost
      • Quality & Ply
      • Size
      • Usage i.e. bar, restaurant
      • Types
      • Branding and Bespoke
      • Sustainability

Set TableOnce these points are considered, an informed decision can be made. Find out more below.



As with anything, the better quality something is, the more expensive it tends to be and this is no different when it comes to napkins. It is best to decide on the other variables first, and then focus on price.

Quality and Ply

Simply put, ply means quality. Just like with toilet roll, the more that ply's paper has, the thicker it will be and therefore, of a higher quality. If you are serving a lengthy, formal dinner, 3-ply is essential for punters to be able to continue to use the napkin throughout the duration of their meal. On the other hand, if you are hosting a casual outdoor dining event and require a quick disposable, 1 or 2-ply serviettes will suit you just fine.


Dependant on the use and occasion, napkins vary from 24cm to 48cm. Cocktail napkins that are provided with drinks to mop up spillages and protect tables are 24cm. They do not need to be big as they tend to act as a small placemat for the glass.

Larger 40cm to 48cm napkins are suitable for multiple-course meals, with diners using the same napkin throughout. As such the user will need that additional surface area due to having to use the napkin several times.

Single course meals won't have as much of a need for larger napkins as the user isn't getting as messy! Often used to clean and wipe a few times, 33cm napkins are great for a more casual dining setting.


Napkins are used within bars, restaurants, catering, outdoor dining and many more settings. Customers will use them as a coaster for drinks, to clean spillages, wipe their face, prop up a wonky table, and blow their nose! A table isn't fully set until a napkin is laid on it.


Napkins come in many different types:

  • Unfolded standard napkins provided in square shape
  • Pre-folded napkins, saving you plenty of time as well as space on the table and providing a consistent layout for customers to enjoy
  • Pocket napkins which have a space to fit cutlery within
  • Sacchetto napkins that are an outer-packet for containing your napkin and cutlery in

Branding and Bespoke

A napkin is the ideal product for reinforcing your branding with colours, quality, and bespoke print all able to contribute towards your overall brand aim. If your experience is tailored towards classy dining then a colour to match your venue and a high quality ply will create elegance on set tables.

Napkins are easy to brand and print on! We have examples of previous bespoke runs on the Bespoke page. If you are interested in this service, please get in touch with us for more information and if needed, request a quote.


Serviettes and napkins are made from paper. Duni products are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council which maintains sustainable forest management. Although napkins are made from paper, once it has been used/soiled it becomes non-recyclable as food residue isn't able to be processed in recycling streams.

However, napkins can be composted. Many Duni napkins are home compostable as well as Industrially. You will be able to identify which category each product falls into based on the following icons visible on the product page:

Industrially Compostable LogoHome Compostable Logo


Hopefully this page has been helpful to define which napkin is the correct style for you and your business. On the Napkin product pages, you are able to filter by specific aspects that will help you to narrow down your perfect item! 

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