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Clean & Shine Perfumed Floor Maintainer 5L
Stock Code: EV046

Perfumed Floor MaintainerRemoves scuff marks and restores gloss finishIncreases slip resistance and polish durabilitySuitable for damp mopping and spray burnishingContains a fresh, floral perfume

Pack of 2

£13.10 excl. VAT
Dri-Foam Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo 2x5L
Stock Code: EVO41

Carpet and Upholstery ShampooProduces a rich, deep cleansing foamEmulsifies soil and stainsLeaves carpets and fabrics clean and brightFor use with carpet or rotary machines

Pack of 2

£20.20 excl. VAT
Easy Strip Fast Acting Floor Polish Stripper Qty 2x5L
Stock Code: EV404

Fast Acting Floor Polish StripperPowerful, quick effective actionRemoves stubborn polish and heavy build-upFor use with a mop or floor machineDoes not need neutralising - saves time

Pack of 2

£28.40 excl. VAT
Easyshine 2x5L
Stock Code: EV045

Floor Polish and MaintainerVersatile product, polishes and maintains floorsProduces a slip resistant gloss finishClean, fresh, floral fragranceSuitable for non-mechanised maintainance

Pack of 2

£23.63 excl. VAT
Enhance Ultra High Solids Floor Polish 2x5L
Stock Code: EVO45

Ultra High Solids Floor PolishProvides an extra durable, wet look finishIdeal for prestigious floorsExcellent scuff and slip resistanceSuitable for very heavy traffic areas

Pack of 2

£35.20 excl. VAT
Evans Sirtan Liquid Wax Polish 5L
Stock Code: EVO91

Liquid Wax Floor PolishSolvent based for use on unsealed woodProtects and preserves the floorProduces a superb natural finishBurnishes to a slip resistant gloss finish

£39.44 excl. VAT
Extract PRO Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo 2x5L
Stock Code: EVO40

Carpet and Upholstery ShampooFor use with carpet extraction machinesRemoves dirt & stains & leaves fabrics clean & freshProvides anti-soiling protectionAllows dry soil to be easily vacuumed

Pack of 2

£18.50 excl. VAT
High Class Neutral Hard Surface Cleaner 2x5L
Stock Code: EVO47

Neutral Hard Surface CleanerIdeal for vinyl, terazzo and polished floors. Approved for ALTRO flooringDamp mop, spray clean or wipeEspecially effective on windows, glass, mirrors & painted surfacesCleans without dulling the gloss. Fresh orange fragrance

Pack of 2

£10.40 excl. VAT
Lemon Floor Gel 2x5L
Stock Code: EV047

Neutral Cleaning GelMulti purpose cleaner and deodoriserDistinctive long lasting citrus fraganceRemoves general soil from all washable surfacesIdeal for damp mopping or spray cleaning

Pack of 2

£14.96 excl. VAT
Lemon Floor Gel 5L
Stock Code: GL014

DANGER:H315: Causes skin irritation.H317: May Cause an allergic skin reactionH318: Causes serious eye damage.P280: Wear protective gloves/eye protection.P302+352: IF ON SKIN: Rinse cautiously white water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsingCONTAINS:Isopropylamin C10-14 Alkyl benzene Sulphonate - Less than 10%2-animoethanol - <1%Lemon perfume <1%

£4.79 excl. VAT
Low Foam Heavy 2x5L
Stock Code: EVO84

Multi Surface CleanerFor combination machines and general cleaningRemoves heavy soiling with one pass of the machineIdeal for use on factory and warehouse floorsUnperfumed, suitable for use in food preparation areas

Pack of 2

£12.92 excl. VAT
Mexapol Polish 5L
Stock Code: EVO66

High Solids Floor PolishProvides a durable high gloss finishExcellent scuff and slip resistanceResponds to spray burnishingFor medium to heavy traffic areas

£26.69 excl. VAT
Odour Neutraliser 6x750ml
Stock Code: EVO44

Eliminates OdoursHighly effective, quick acting, ready to use formulationEliminates malodours from carpet, fabric and hard surfacesKills bacteria. Passes EN 1276 at recommended dilution rate & contact timeSuitable for use against urine, tobacco smoke, rancid food and pet odours

Pack of 6

£16.20 excl. VAT
Oxy-Powder Multi Purpose Stain Remover 1kg
Stock Code: EVO42

Multi Purpose Stain RemoverRemoves difficult stains and heavy soilingCan be used on white and coloured fabricsSuitable for use on carpets and upholsteryQuick dissolving powder, ideal where bleach is not acceptable

£4.85 excl. VAT
Select Hard Surface Clean 5L
Stock Code: GL015
£3.35 excl. VAT
Spot Light - Spot & Stain Remover 6x750ml
Stock Code: EVO43

Spot and Stain Remover for CarpetsHighly efficient, ready to use formulationProduces an absorbent foam to emulsify soilQuickly removes difficult stains and spotsSuitable on colourfast carpets and furnishings

Pack of 6

£17.40 excl. VAT
Superseal Floor Seal 5L
Stock Code: EV076

Solvent Based Polyurethane Floor SealExtra durable and slip resistantProvides a protective, high gloss finishSuitable for heavy traffic areasFor use on internal wood and concrete floors

£33.66 excl. VAT
Versatile Multi Surface Cleaner 2x5L
Stock Code: EVO93

Hard Surface CleanerEfficient and quick acting multi purpose cleanerRemoves stubborn soilingSuitable on all washable surfaces. Approved for ALTRO flooringFloral perfume

Pack of 2

£10.62 excl. VAT

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